Church Planting


Our goal is to do Evangelism that results into Church Planting, emphasizing Discipleship of both Church Leaders and New Converts. Sanctuary of Hope Mnistries brings about a total transformation that reveals the Kingdom of God in communities where Born-Again Believers exist thus exposing the task of serving God inside the Church House as well as outside the four corners of the Church.

Church Planting and building;
In Romans 15: 20-21, Apostle Paul discouraged the idea of planting a local church where another local church already existed. He encouraged church planting in areas where Jesus Christ has never been preached. It worked very well for him and his team and many local churches were planted in different regions.


Since 2002, Sanctuary of Hope Ministries with Pastor Michael Muwanguzi have planted churches in different places of Uganda.

After the Gospel is preached to all, we give opportunities to people to REPENT of their sins and to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. When they do, we disciple them and prepare them for water baptism. Then we begin to meet regularly for bible study, fellowship, worship and for developmental education.

Church planting pauses the following challenges.

1. Housing of the first congregation of new converts.

  • A place has to be hired for sometime before the new born baby church gets a home of its own.
  • In some areas where there are hostile religions and where witchcraft reigns, Sanctuary of Hope Ministries has to devise and apply alot of wisdom to buy a piece of land in the midst of that community before the Church is planted. After secretly buying the land for the purpose of planting a church then evangelism starts with land ready for the new church. But the challenge here is lack of funds for buying that land
  • Most young churches start in temporary structures.

2. Sanctuary of Hope Ministries is supposed to take care of the Pastor of the new church for atleast 2(two) years before the newly planted church takes the responsibility of taking care of their Pastor.

3. Leadership of the newly established church takes some time to train and equip them for the work. This training is quite expensive , it requires alot; such as training materials, books, funds, etc

4. Transport for Church Leaders and Pastors is always needed especially in rural areas. The Pastors in such areas need bicycles to help them to move to the different areas because Church planting is still wanting those areas and that is where most of the population lives.

5. The local young church then embarks on transforming the community by introducing the following:

  • Fighting Poverty systematically
  • Eradication of Illeteracy
  • Defeating Ignorance, Superstition and un-civilised Cultures.
  • Fighting HIV/AIDS prevelence in the communities

Therefore, Training, Capacity building and Awareness is the common challenge in implementing the above.

All Pastors and other church leaders must be trained, both in fundamental Biblical teachings and in leadership. However, the majority of such pastors that are called to serve in the rural areas are not educated and do not always speak the common languages. These take special care. New lessons must be developed and translated into their respective languages.


Miracle Life Ministries needs the following for a good service:

  • 1,000 Bibles in local languages ($10 each)
  • Bicycles for rural evangelists and church leaders
  • Short-term visiting Bible Teachers and Mentors
  • Portable Public Addressing Systems
  • Prayer partners
  • Evangelistic Van which will enable us to reached the rural/remote area.

We ask you to pray for this business of converting and discipling, because a true church is composed of disciples but not just convert.