How one can help


Do you want to help or participate with us? There is plenty to do;

As we continue to lead and live this ministry vision, we do acknowledge the need to network and involve people and friends like you.
Here is an opportunity for you to get involved:


  1. Short term missions: This involves medical outreaches, etc to underprivileged communities of Uganda.You can come for a short term mission to practically volunteer with us.
  2. Sponsor a child: $40 per month for a primary school student education needs(uniforms, shoes,school bags, books, pens pencils, and other requirements).
  3. Set up an income generating activities: These ventures will employe some of the orphans who are able to work and raise funds to support themselves incase of donor fatigue.
  4. You can also stand with us in prayer.
  5. Donate: a New or used sewing machine and new or used knitting machines for a tailoring school and some for giving to our students who will have finished the tailoring course so that they can earn living.
  6. Discipleship Evangelism: You can adopt a church and walk with it for sometime focusing and Discipleship Evangelsim.
  7. Raise awareness:You can also help in raising awarenness of this project, God will greately bless you