How we satrted


Sanctuary of Hope Ministries began as a result of God’s call upon my life following several dreams and visions. In the year 2000, the Lord assinged pastor Michael Muwanguzi aka Mukutula Njegere literary meaning Chain breaker; which he satrted two years later that is in 2002. He called is SANCTUARY OF HOPE MINISTRIES. where he is the founder and the senior pastor of the church. He was led by to a place called Kabowa where I started a fellowship. I preached an people responded positively to the Gospel. When the number of new converts increased , we needed a place where we can fellowship from. Miraculously God provided õne miraculously. To me this was a miracle because many church start by renting and for along time, but for our case it was a different story.

The Vision that the Lord has given us as Sanctuary of Hope Ministries is: “Bringing hope to the hurting world”. Our mission (purpose) is: To establish an authentic body of believers that worship God in the power of the Holy Spirit, and reaching out and impact the society through the person and love of Jesus Christ. That means every member of our churches planted by Sanctuary of Hope Ministries is made into a disciple to reach out and bring others to Christ. The process of making disciples will continue.

Prayer and fasting is an established discipline in the lives of members of Sanctuary of Hope Ministries to enable us remain connected with the Lord and empowered. Sanctuary of Hope Ministries allows God to develop to the full, the five-fold ministry in order for the church to be fully equipped for the work of ministry.

To God be the glory!