Sanctuary of Hope Minitries Projects


Tailoring Vocation

We have intend to initiate a project to help single mothers and widows and school dropouts to get skills through training in dressmaking to help them integrate into the textile industry. We are intending to rent a workroom in Kabowa Kampala where 20 people will be trained per session of 12 months on how to use sewing machine to make dresses. Those who graduate from this program will benefit from taking contracts with schools and other companies by making uniform for their children as well as making dresses for sale to the general public. The result of this project/Program will compel us to propose a project that would benefit 40 single mothers, widows and school dropouts in a single year. Here is detailed information of Sewing machine Training project proposal:


Child Care Project

Child care Project is involved in helping, supporting, and developing the livelihood of children in terms of education. We believe that every child has a right to education. Our aim is to enable every African Child to acquire the necessary basic education.   
In our effort to help these children in terms of education we started a school which we called ............................ It was opened in the year 2015. At the moment we now go up to primary six and next year we hope to have Primary Seven. It started with a small number of children about 13 needy children and began with 1 class. Now has grown to 172 children and we expect more to come.The school is currently located in ........................... Uganda. The purpose is to provide education to these little one so that they will become godly and responsible citizens. With a committed staff and the support of friends and partners, the centre has made remarkable success.

This also is the essence of our mission. Under this program, we assist children at risk. We give care for children by providing them with food, educational support, clothing and healthcare. In addition to providing the basic necessities for these children under our care, we offer them much needed emotional support. So many of our children have suffered through the trauma of losing their parents or living in extreme poverty. We seek to alleviate this by providing a safe, loving environment where our children are free to be kids again.