Our Strategy

Pastor Michael Muwanguzi 

In order to fulfill this God given vision, Sanctuary of Hope Ministries labours towards the raising up of an army of soul winners through whom our local communities can be impacted for Christ and also for the mission field in the nations of the world.

Crusades and Conerences are keys in our outreach into our local communities as much as we continue to reach out through, Newsletters, tracts, radio and Televison, internet and social media.

It is in our plan that from our current location in Kabowa suburbs, Sanctuary of Hope Ministries spreads out accross the country and establish self-sustaining local churches in order to reach out into the immediate communities. To undergird this plan for national outreach, we do the following:

  • Hold evangelism Crusades and seminars.
  • Hold Child Evangelism Programs
  • Hold conferences and seminars.
  • Build a christian School to provide education in a God fearing environment.
  • Plant churches in unreached communities.
  • Train workers for Christ who will go out to the unreached areas with the gospel.
Pastor's Fellowship 

We believe that through this strategy, the Lord will enable us carry out our mandate.


The immediate task is for Sanctuary of Hope Ministries to handle is the challenge of rapid growth and limited space in its current location in Kabowa, Kampala. In this connection sanctuary of Hope Ministries is working toward acquiring land to build church halls in the areas where we have planted churches. This would enable us construct Churches as well as accommodating a schools, resource  center, and a vocational institutes, etc.

We have a dream to build a multi-purpose facility to accommodate and teach our children in a safe and God fearing environment. The plan is to start with a primary school. You can choose to be a blessing by donating towards the purchase of Land, ranging from $ 5 to any amount as may be led by the Holy Spirit. Any help or support counts.

Sanctuary of Hope Ministries board of Directors is tasked with the responsibility of mobilizing funds for land buying and building as well as any other ministry need.