Outreach programes


Sanctuary of Hope Ministries serves Ugandan people through:

Education Sponsorship: Currently, sanctuary of Hope Ministries is educating over quite a number of children some of who are orphaned and vulnerable children in schools. These children receive education , school supplies, medical care, and moral education, on Saturdays they come to the fellowship site for Bible class, worship, lunch and lots of playing. When funds allow we send them home with gifts some Saturdays to share with and encourage their families.
For families of students in our sponsorship program, Sanctuary of Hope Ministries also provides ongoing physical, emotional and spiritual support throughout the year. This support may range from medical assistance, to vocational training, Spiritual , mental etc.

Community Outreach: Sanctuary of Hope Ministries takes Bible studies and worship service sin different places where christ has not been preached. There we plant church thus expanding the kingdom of God. Sanctuary of Hope Ministries is looking forward to getting land to establish a place where we hope to build a Bible school, health training, vocational training, rehabilitaion centre, etc.

Vocational Projects: Sanctuary of Hope Ministries is going to initiate a project to help single mothers and widows and school dropouts to get skills through training in dressmaking to help them intergrate into the textile industry.

We are intending to rent a place where 20 people will be trained per session of 12 months on how to use sewing machine to make dresses. Those who graduate from this program will benefit from taking contracts with schools and other companies by making uniform for their children as well as making dresses for sale to the general public. The result of this project/Program will compel us to propose a project that would benefit 40 single mothers, widows and school dropouts in a single year. Here is detailed information of Sewing machine Training project proposal:

Miracle City Ministries intends to partner with local Ugandans implementing self-sustaining vocational programs so the people can experience the joy and dignity of providing for their own families. The Ugandan bead necklace and bracelet program is one such initiative.

Women from Kampala and other places will make Ugandan bead necklaces and bracelets which Sanctuary of Hope Ministries purchases and sells here in Uganda and other parts of the world. The money the women will receive from their beads will allows them to support their family and send their children to school. Additionally, the money from the sale of the necklaces and beads will funds the daily feeding program for students and orphans.

Discipleship: Sanctuary of Hope Ministries fosters spiritual growth activities, Evangelism Crusades and and Bible studies in the communities we serve. We are passionate about nourishing the spiritual needs of the communities, not just the physical needs.

Reaching Children Through Education

Child evangelism

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